UI Bug - Requires UI Refresh

Summary: While the hearthling list of members is populating, open and close the town log quickly, this stops the hearthling list from populating, and requires a UI Refresh to continue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Citizens tab
  2. Quickly open and close the Town Info (May take a few tries)
  3. Reproduced

Expected Results: Citizens to continue populating even when the other ui opens and closes

Actual Results: Citizens to not continue populating



Version Number and Mods in use: 2860

System Information: Intel i5, GeForce 520

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Hi there,
I can’t see the full error in the screenshot. Could you please copy and paste it into discourse? Click the “Copy to Clipboard” button and then Ctrl + V to paste
Thanks for reporting this

yea, lemme go reproduce it again, gimme a minute or two

develop-2865 (x64)
Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: calling set on destroyed object
Error: Assertion Failed: calling set on destroyed object
    at new Error (native)
    at Error.EmberError (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:14251:23)
    at Object.Ember.assert (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:3865:15)
    at set (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:18053:13)
    at __exports__.default.Mixin.create.set (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.8.1.js:32739:9)
    at http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/game/town/town.js:124:18
    at fire (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/jquery-1.10.2.js:3048:30)
    at Object.self.fireWith [as resolveWith] (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/jquery-1.10.2.js:3160:7)
    at deferred.(anonymous function) (http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/jquery-1.10.2.js:3249:34)
    at foward_fn (http://radiant/radiant/js/radiant/object.js:144:22)
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@yshan, I’ve seen this before…give me a few moments to track it down.

Edit: and here it is. There are a few UI errors in that thread, but I have linked to the matching one: