[Ack] Alpha 4: Error on New Villager Added

Alpha 4: Official Release

I get an error message when I agree to allow a new citizen to join my town. I’ve seen this error on several different citizen types, most recently with a carpenter. Error is:

Uncaught Error: Property set failed: object in path “context” could not be found or was destroyed.

line number: 3098

Over two games I believe I’ve had a total of 4 citizens join, three of them triggered this error. The fourth, a footman, did not.

Here’s a screenshot

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I can confirm (I posted this specific event in the Alpha 4 Dev Blog thread)… thanks for making an actual report however! :+1:


Also confirmed


In addition to the message window popping up, once I agree to let a villager into my town I can no longer click on items. I will upload a video showing you what I mean tonight.

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Arr! It looks like villager spawn and villager death both always crash the UI to varying levels of un-recoverability depending on which UI windows are open and how recently they’re data has been refreshed in the background. (Ember!!!)

Current workaround: save the game and load it (and hope that saving doesn’t break this further).

Update: The UI error that @Froggy mentioned is definitely due to this and will be fixed with save/reload.

The actual red error from @Dejin’s original post is… something else. Not sure if this, whatever it is, would get fixed on save/reload. @Dejin, are there any consequences to the error message? Does the new guy get stuck or anything?

I wasn’t paying as careful attention as I should have, but I believe that the new guy does not show up until you save the game and then reload. Although I’m not 100% positive on that.

The game did continue on without any further problems though.

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Confirmed this as well @jesketimothy … Added a footman to my village (via the invite) and while I received no error on screen, my game seemed to be locked on the Weaver. No matter what I clicked I couldn’t deselect the Weaver I had selected. I could tell by the “parchment” on the bottom left of the screen, showing the Weaver. Even when I clicked on the woodcutter’s crafting table, the weaver’s would pop up instead. If I clicked on any units, they wouldn’t select. The game basically froze, but not visually as characters still moved around on their own.

In addition @sdee it looks like saving and loading breaks any unfinished houses, leaving them sitting as components of the house (Walls, doors, etc) instead of the house as a whole. You can’t select, to finish or remove, them at all from the build window. Posted this in another bug report though.

Did further testing on this today. Can 100% confirm that bringing a footman into the village will cause the GUI to crash. I reproduced the GUI crash a total of 7 times. I also added a farmer twice, with no issues.

In addition, and I’m not sure if this is related which is why I mentioning it anyway, it seems that the daily journal becomes extremely buggy either when the GUI crashes or just over time. First the buttons on the journal stop working, then the journal text doesn’t properly wrap to the “book”, and finally you end up completely loosing all data and the journal shows blank.


ive been playing this world for a while, have yet to see a traveler or caravan or even goblins. im guessing it has to do with some of these errors.

have yet to be able to recreate this effect of no visitors

Does your error look similar to these ones?

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as the specifics are unclear, and with the theory that it may be related, let’s just toss that report in here… :+1:

actually ive yet to see a villager, caravan, or goblin the whole game. and have yet been notified of any of those events taking place. its just me and the wildlife.

I’ve had a similar error… everything runs fine after a new villager joins and I get the error code, the only issue is I can no longer see the worker information when I select them (their name and such) and when I try to look at their stats it’s all blank.

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wow… that certainly seems like a new data point… :smile: :+1:

thanks for the follow-up…

Since build 127 came out the new villager bug seems to be fixed. I was able to allow two new villagers with no problems.