[Ack] Game Freezes on New Villager R129

Upon Accepting a new villager, the game freezes completely.

I got the option to accept a new villager (So far it has been farmers each time), and upon doing so freezes the game completely and then crashes it to the desktop.

Steps to reproduce:
Do what you need to to attract a new villager.

Expected Results:
I’d get a new villager and continue growing my community.

Actual Results:
Freezes then crashes.

Did not have this issue in R127

Versions and Mods:
R129 No Mods


bummer… i believe this was resolved one or two builds back… :cry:

oh well, should be easy enough to confirm…

Strange. After I froze out from being attacked by goblins, I have yet to receive a trader, a new villager or a new goblin attack. Maybe it’s something in common?

Just had my game crash in the same way when getting a new villager. My new villager was a carpenter.

Can confirm this.

on 130 you get the crash with a chance of 50% i think
5 tests, on 2 of them i was able to accept 2 footmen, then the game crashed,
on 3 i had a crash instantly

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From what I have found if you click the notification as soon as it pops up you’re able to accept them fine. However if you wait and click the yellow exclamation mark and then accept them it crashes. Haven’t confirmed this yet but it worked once, I’m about to try it again. I’ll edit it once I’ve tried it.

Edit: This worked! I tried 5 times while clicking the exclamation mark and it crashed every time. Tried twice with clicking the notification as soon as it popped up and it worked both times.


Awesome! I’ll try this when i get a chance. Good find

Can confirm this is happening in 130. I recently had to start a new save due to the coming of day crashing the game, and on the new save I cannot accept even a single traveller.
I have tried the ‘temporary fix’ above where you click on the icon as soon as it comes up, but 5 out of 5 times the game crashed

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Strange, This has worked every time for me. I’m up to 12 villagers right now.

Im up to 10 and cant accept anymore. And any new save I cant even accept any.

Same with me. Tried the fix and it didn’t work for me either :confused:

This happens to me too, in R130. It’s not every new villager that causes a crash, but a fair number of them do.

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With R130, every new villager causes a crash, for me. It’s a shame, too, because the rest of the game is working so well, I’m actually building a nice big settlement, and pretty soon I’ll have empty houses just waiting for new occupants.

I’m on peaceful mode, by the way. No idea if that should matter, but I figured I’d mention it anyway.

Nah i tried both peaceful and normal mode. Both of em crashes on new villagers coming in. So doubt difficulty has anything to do with it.
Probably an error in the coding i guess?

Game Crash when settlers come to join my villager. Please help.

thanks for the confirmation @Krormar… and welcome aboard! :smile:

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Hey @Silas, thanks for the report! We definitely want to hear more about this. Do you see anything interesting in stonehearth.log? Can you reproduce it regularly in a save? How many days has your town existed?