Alpha 4 - Corrupted save

My last few games have been getting corrupted.
Last few times it’s happened, this was the lead up:

  1. Attempting to promote a worker to a carpenter, an error was thrown and it refused to show any promotions available. Soon after UI glitch, and upon attempting to load the game I had saved, I get the error saying “id”

  2. Farmer joins the town, and a pathing error is thrown, causing UI glitch. Saved game, attempted to load again, and same error appears saying “id”

Anyone else getting this recently?

If your getting the UI Gltich then its too late to save, as it will save a corrupted copy. Going into the local folders you can tell the corrupted saves because they will only have one file instead of the 4 or 5 that are suppose to be in it.

This one sounds like this issue, except whenever that happens for me, a save and load does indeed fix the problem.

The other one I have not encountered.

that’s never been the case for me, usually a save and load fixes this, but my last two games have caused this to happen…

The only thing I could say that I had done that was not out of the ordinary was attempt to build a large hollow square building around my town, to protect them (doors of course to get out) basically boxing them in… But surely that wouldn’t be the problem, would it?

I don’t know exactly. But I think I have heard of issues with walling things off (even with doors, I believe). Let me see if I can find these… maybe this one? (Although maybe not…) Otherwise cannot find it. Still, I’m sure I saw it somewhere…

I’m already aware of the bug where workers get trapped inside buildings and can’t get out, which is a problem in itself.

It’s not quite the same issue I get however, maybe I didn’t explain it right.
I build a wall around a very large area, 3x3 wall sections to keep hostiles out, but even before the building is anywhere near started, the game will crash…

I’ll experiment more and see how it turns out