[Con] Saved game working, but throwing infinite errors

Hi all;

I’ve come across another potential error and wanted to ask if it has affected anyone else.

I had a village going (the lovely burg of OakenVeneer) and had to leave it to go to work. So, I saved my game (which I had been doing, say, every 1/2 hour), and thing seemed to be fine. The next time I loaded the game, it seemed to load fine and everyone was traipsing about, completing their village-building tasks as given to them by Me, their Benevolent Overlord and Master.

Then the errors began to pop up… Not just one or two, but a never-ending stream of them, and all of them were the same error.

std::logic_error: ‘invalid reference in native get_id’

Has anyone had this error before? I looked through the past posts, but couldn’t find it.
I’m using the latest devbuild from steam (2083), no mods.



I can confirm this can happen as I have started to get the same fountain of error as u have. It doesn’t occur for all the save files I have, so I suspect the save is corrupt or an event (such as sleep or goblins arriving) had started at the point of save which could not load properly again. It’s a pain and the only thing I could do is go back a save to get rid of the errors.

Tonky, you might have a point about there being an event causing the corruption- As soon as I load the save, a group of goblins appears and attacks my town…

I wonder if I finish them off, and then save again, if it would fix the errors?

I make a new save every time because of the save/load error from a couple of revisions ago… even though it’s been fixed, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing it.

ok, I went back and fought through the goblins and after the fight was over, I waited about 45 seconds.

I resaved my game (as a new save, also making sure nobody was heading to bed or no goblins had appeared), reloaded and voila! the errors were gone!

Maybe this will help others who have this error. It appears that yoiu can just resave and reload and it will fix itself.

:+1: Thanks Tonky!

I get this bug anytime something dies.

No worries I guess, even though I was only guessing. @RixiM_MixiR maybe that bug could be fixed in the same way?