[Con] Savegame not loading

I have a savegame that doesn’t load. I’ve done nothing special before I saved the game.

Every time I try to load the game, I get a assertion failure (“id”) and after that Visual C++ throws out a error.

Here is a zip-file with the folder of the savegame: 1409231004989.zip - Google Drive


It’s likely that the save file has corrupted. Unfortunately you have to delete your save files otherwise save/load will not function correctly. It’s a common issue right now I’m afraid, though I’ve never had a file corrupt myself …

See here

and here

for more information, if deleting your save resolves the issue I’ll merge you over.


Ive never had a save corruption really, just saves disappearing >.>

Heyy there. :slight_smile: I’ve been backing Stonehearth since Alpha 1 and I’ve loved everything the Devs are doing.

However… I’m dealing with an issue. Ever since the release of Alpha 4 I’ve been unable to load any saved games. Even after I delete all the save files and save a new game I have been unable to load them. Every time I get 1/10th of the way through, I get an error pop up saying “id”.

Is there a way I can fix this issue? If not, could this please be resolved soon??


hey there @DarthBaeus1826… welcome aboard! :smile:

let’s just merge your post here, and let it serve as a confirmation… :+1:

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Just today I started getting the Stonehearth Assertion Failure id when attempting to load a saved game.