Not able to load any games what so ever

Can the loading and saving system please be sorted. I really wish to play this game but not being able to load my games I have saved is really off putting. Playing 6hrs into my map, saving then reloading to find I have to make yet another map is really really reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllly frustrating.

Error: Stonehearth assertion failed, root-entity

Hey there @callamh! Corrupted saved games is definitely and issue at the moment.

Have you tried making lots of multiple saves? Sometimes if a save gets corrupted, you can just go back a few saves (I save before starting a new “Project” in the game, whether it’s crafting, or a building) and the game will load up fine.

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Also, check which version you’re playing, and which version you’re loading as well - there can be issues.

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Yes I have done that Silas. I don’t bother with village names now I just label it as a number. lol I have deleted previous saves written over saves made a repeated amount of saves every 15mins. But everyone of them just pops up with the above. :confused:

Alright, I believe the next step then is your system specs and game version. And we may have to page @not_owen_wilson to figure this out. :smile:

Edit: Also the error log if you can find it.

The game version should be alright as I got the latest version on the Sunday that has just gone. As for the system specs I have an alien gaming laptop. I have checked into the specs already and I cannot put my finger on it.

Game version should be r144 (bottom left corner of the main menu) BTW.

yes it is on R144 lol

Hmm… yeah I think we’re at the point where this goes beyond my simple understanding of the game.

Hopefully @not_owen_wilson or someone else on the team will pop in to help you figure it out. But if could post your full system specs, graphics driver info… that could be a great help for them!

There is a new version on steam right now. When i opened my loadscreen, there was a little red writing that my old savegames where incompatible or something like that.
well it’s alpha :smile: