[Con] Assertion Failed upon Loading (130)

Loading bug that has occurred a couple times strikes again. Pic related.

It crashes the game upon selecting the OK option.
EDIT: It occurs whether I load or continue.


When i was done playing, I saved the game. Then, i came back to play and now it says Stonehearth Assertion Failed, id now. This happened 2 times already and now is there any way to fix it or do i have to delete my save again? Thank you guys in advance!

hmm… perhaps tossing the savegame up here would prove useful to the team…

@sdee, @not_owen_wilson … thoughts?

I am having the same problem. I have spent the last day or so wrestling with my antivirus, which kept recognizing Stonehearth.exe as a “rogue security program.” I thought maybe that was the problem still, but seeing this thread, I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t think I know how to attach my saved game, either, for reviewing.

I had this same thing happen to me, however the dialogue was more detailed. I had a save game I was trying to load. I am not sure if changing the options affected things. I’ll try to recreate it and post a screenshot.

I am also having this problem too, and I have also a more detailed response, but only if I do it through steam. I will also try and get some screenshots in here.

I am also experiencing this problem in Steam Build 1687.

Playing a game and saving works fine. Loading the game, not so much. This is the message I get when the Assertion fails:

Assertion Failed: id(,\source\dm\store.cpp:38)

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Stonehearth assertion Failed
Assertation Failed:id(…\source\dm\store.cpp:38)

my error, help me.

I have a save file that generates this error in A7:



excellent, thanks for the savegame! :+1:

paging @sdee, @not_owen_wilson


User: 84de9396-912a-11e4-b153-7845c4183c9d

Log File:

Side note: My first clue something was wrong was a stone gate that refused to be placed in-line to the rest of the fence. I could put the gate one square into the fence, or a square away, but not where it was supposed to be.

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I’m getting this error in Alpha 7 Release 195. I suspect it has something to do with saving buildings, as when I save a custom building and try to place another copy of it, the windows/doors are sometimes misaligned.

do you mean by moving the mouse or by flipping the gate with the dot/comma keys?

I think someone already reported that placing down templates led to misaligned windows when turning the template, but just for two of the possible orientations.

Here is the report on that bug. On some walls, even-width doors/windows are misplaced by one if it is rotated 90 degrees from the original plan. I have reproduced this many times and have many saves that have the off-by-one building error without generating an assertion failed error.

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Moe’s thread describes the behaviour I observed perfectly.

By moving the [quote=“Relyss, post:13, topic:7331”]
do you mean by moving the mouse or by flipping the gate with the dot/comma keys?

Moving the mouse. I don’t know of any other way to place objects. Dot and comma only turn the objects, I thought.

same exact error for me, and i saved after doing a custom building.

Get an Assertion Failed Error too - build develop 2081:

Here is the savegame:

Hope this helps in any way …

Same build (2081), same error message when loading / continuing :frowning: