Stonehearth assertion failed, halp pls

Heya Buddys, just today i got this Error and i cant load the Game under any circumstances, i reinistalled it, then i was able to play it when i deleted my savegames, but i just won´t give up my savegame because of an error.

Im Using 2 Mods:
archipelago_biome (The Savegame used this Map)
settlementdecor Mod

Here´s a Picture of my Error:


Anyone knows a Fix? I really would like to continue my Savegame

It is the settlementdecor mod, the creator of the mod needs to update it to work with the new build. A temporary fix would be to remove the mod for now.

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Thanks Mate, that fixed it for me! Pretty sad that it´s bugging out, i kinda liked that Mod, i wish there would be more decoration mods like this for the latest build :frowning: