Very alarming issue

very alarming issue, at least in my opinion. Not sure wether it is just me or a bug or a new game feature (altough i did not read about it in de release notes)

There appear no traders anymore when you start a new game with the ascendancy on hard mode. Started a game with them in temperate biome. Even after several game days no traders appeared. Thinking it was either the game or the location i started a new game several times. Happened to video it also.

As you can see in the video it only appears with the ascendancy and not with the rayya’s. Rayya’s pretty much get a trader with in a day and usally have 1 or 2 traders everyday. The ascendancy do not get a single one for days. Did not try ascendancy in desert biome or rayya’s in temperate biome. Also only played ascendancy for up to 4 ingame days.

the saves are the 2 ascendancy games from the video. (3.8 MB) (4.8 MB)

58 views and no reply? anyone out there?

I want to think that it has something to do with you being surrounded by mountains. This is speculation though i do not remember properly.
There is the new trader stall though as well.
paging @SteveAdamo. He will know.

well i did not build that seeing even without it you should have traders just like with the rayya’s. Only first city is on a mountain, second one (around 50 sec. in the video) is not. last one is rayya’s which did get a trader pop up

Also my town krogevo is completely build inside a hollow mountain in the desert and i do get traders there frequently with out a trader stall

I do not know this game as well as I used to but, what is your town score or whatever it is now?

i’m not sure this is a bug, being that Rayya’s Children are oriented around trading, they have their own special trading “campaign” arc.

where as ascendancy just get the odd trader every once in awhile, i believe it also might depend upon your net worth to get traders as ascendency and 4 in-game days isn’t a very long amount of time…

but i’m probably making stuff up again, so i’ll page @linda for you to see if she can help.

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Hi there!

Yup, as 8BitCrab guessed, the Ascendancy does have a net worth requirement before the traders start appearing. You need a net worth of at least 500 in order for the shops to start, and I noticed your saves have around 150 net worth. Rayya’s children has no such requirement, since trading is so essential to their culture, whereas the Ascendency has to rely more on their own natural resources at the beginning.



that explaines allot. Did not have the issue with ascendancy in the past, just since the hard mode was entered so i thought something was wrong. Glad it is just a small thing on my part and not some big ass issue :slight_smile: