Running a multiplayer save havent seen a single trader encounter

how am i supposed to seel things if no random trader encounters happen (besides the blue market stall? noone has joined my game yet so its just me and my inventory is getting cluttered with crap i dont need and i need da gold coinz

still no traders like seriously did they all get eaten by wolves or do i have to put down a special stall for them

Had one singleplayer game on 824 with similar issues.

Is the host running the debug mods and is any progression occurring such as daily checks for hearthlings or new mob encounters?

i am the host

progression checks and mobs are happining like normal just no traders AT ALL and yes i have the offical debug tools mod

I had a situation where the Iskender traders never showed up after my banner was chosen. I was eight days in and nothing. So, I used the debug tools to force that first appearance. After that, the traders started showing up.

You can also build market stalls via the carpenter or the potter to get merchants in. I think both require level three in their professions.

Hi @dutchuss2016 :slight_smile:

The developers will have an easier task helping you out (and the rest of us) and fixing the isuue, if you make it a bugreport and provide at least a savegame file for them to look at.

Thank you :sunny: