Variability of traders declined due time

I’m playing with Rayya’s children for a while (date is Rainmun. 21. It’s like 3-4 months of the game’s time)

I’ve noticed decline in trader variety. Only trader that comes up to me nowdays is the one that sells furs and cloth. It’s hard to live in the desert when everything you build needs wood and no traders with wood come anymore. Farmer traders don’t come either, so I can’t make donations to the church of plenty (Rayya’s children can’t grow wheat, which is needed for flour and the donations).

I’m starting to think it’s not coincidence anymore when a simple fur trader has appeared for 10 days in a row. Or can it be?

Version: 0.17.0 (develop 3002) x64 build

When the RNG of traders gets that way you could just make a couple market stalls, and every 24 hours game time you can call a simple merchant that will sell wood; although it is only a little bit. However you can place a good amount of them I think… Each with their own cooldown timer.

Had that happen every so often even in my Sorenia Save, so been getting wood from those. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that solved my wood problem.
Now the only problem is farmer traders for the wheat.

But atleast I can build stuff now! :smile:

Why do you need wheat, the only thing RC can make with it is those hay bales… Then again those are nice decor… :slight_smile:

Wheat is needed to make flour of it. Flour is needed to make poyo pot pie, which is needed to make a Donation to the Church of Plenty. Donation also needs peasant bread, which is created from 2 flours.

It would work better for RC if donation could be made from corn flour stuff

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ah… I have been stockpiling flour; bought every last one from the first trader that comes by every so often. So the wheat I use for the bales. Might be a tad expensive buying flour but I haven’t a worry on the price, since I managed somewhat a fortune…

Well RC hasn’t had many compatible changes of late. At least the stores have a few options, when they arrive. I do agree there should be an alternate, but since RC is based on trading… I see no rush; just need more shops in general, which I think may come in the future. :slight_smile:

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True. More shops would support the idea of people that make living on trading.

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