No traveling merchant bug

I get the township quest, no traveling merchants have shown up, day one I clicked the person that reconizes your town and got the free food.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. type this seed # 1937055847 and choose the only area that is near the mtns and is a little deeper than the surrounding forest, see last screenshot.
  2. play as ascendancy, the seed works for RC
  3. Do not build any buildings, dig down and mine into the side of the forest floor that’s near the mtns. see screenshots.

Expected Results:
Traveling merchants show up before getting the township quest
Actual Results:
Township quest and no traveling merchants.


Version Number and Mods in use:
steam latest version, no mods.
System Information:
intel core i7 6700k, 64 bit, radeon gtx 960, 16 gb ram, win 10

I think the trader encounters have a requirement of net worth (500) in order to start spawning shops. You didn’t have that net worth yet, according to your screenshots :confused:

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Thank you for letting me know.