URGENT: Saw doesn't respawn after carpenters death


So ya, I can’t spawn a new carpenter now, cus I don’t have a saw. Just a workbecnh, no error codes or anything.

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I take it the weaver can’t weave a new saw for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about urgent, but your raise a good point. At this stage, it seems losing your carpenter means losing the game.

Maybe basic workers should be able to create the saw, since the carpenter is kind of pivotal to the whole crafting progression.


Just trigger a caravan upon his death. “Oh what a terrible loss! Here, take one of my saws” (you get the idea).


Having your settlers drop their gear on death is another option. Certainly Dwarf Fortress manages that, and whilst it may not help if your carpenter takes a running jump into a ravine, it should at least make it easier to get going again.


How do you trigger a caravan?


Good point! Thanks for calling this out.


@sdee Another thing I’ve noticed that’s related to this: worker’s don’t unequipped their upgraded uniforms when being promoted.

All my poor worker outfits were sent into the abyss… :frowning: