Underground encounters/rooms (dwarves must have something to do except mining, and a real threat if the get greedy :P )

So I suggest that you create rooms on the main lvls (not all
cause you will dig and find 1 lvl down or up the rooms )

These rooms can have:

  • Creatures / hostile underground cities

  • treasure

  • quests/forgotten monuments

  • the better tier resources not found on the sides of the
    mountains (you`ll have to dig deep, be greedy)

The main reason I suggest this is cause dwarves:

  • would be boring if they only find stone and minerals

  • and they would be very protected in their mines in
    comparison to other races

ps. I tried to build underground and they stopped building
as they had no space to move up

I think they hinted at adding mobs for caves eventually in one of the videos

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