Building underground walls should be easier


i got a summer job in a factory so i got the guts to buy this awesome game and I really like the idea of Stonehearth in many ways. I’m a RPG player, I have loved building since Legos and I love creating a story.

I planned to build a underground dwarf city with corridors, rooms and stuff, but the building tool is not used to build under surface so well.

This is what I wanted to accomplish:

And to just add simple wallpaper to my room, i had to make the room 9 cubes high instead 4 because otherwise hearthlings couldn’t build the walls that were 3 blocks or higher. So this is what I had to do:

Dig a 8x8x4 cave.

Cut a 8x8x1 peace after this, because after the next
phase hearthlings can’t reach this level anymore.


Make a 8x8x4 mining area again

So now I had to do x2 work and always i want to check my 2nd floor under the 1st, i have to scroll 3 times to see it nicely.

Here is a picture of a room which is just 4 blocks high and never gets ready because hearthlings cant fit to work there.

And can someone tell me that can you build stairs going up underground?


The game definitely isn’t ready for underground cities yet. So far, they more or less have tunnel digging ready for mining. The current bunch of hearthlings are really above ground dwellers at heart, so they are more worried about houses than caverns.

Having said that, there will eventually be an actual dwarf civilization you can play as, so we can expect better support for cave living eventually.

Digging up is definitely difficult in the current game (and not really supported properly yet), but it’s possible. Check out this topic.


Thanks for the link Tuhalu!

ya I have my hearthlings living underground as I feel it is simply safer for them I recently started putting roads in the caves but walls won’t fit yet next build I may take your idea and dig deeper so they can live underground properly

I fix this by not building walls but making the wals with the slaps. You just have to put 4 layers of slaps on each other and you will have your wall.

If you would want to make doors or windows in them you will have to leave space in the wall and then place the door or window with item placement.

A standart door is 3 wide and 4 tall. The small window is 2x2 if i am correct

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Maybe the Northern Kingdom has the underground specialists

I was trying to make some hobbit holes, with wood lined walls and floors, and making it 5 deep, so they are not cramped (Hobbit holes are not wet or dirty, nor cramped, atleast for them!) but I really to not want to have to make them 9 deep! even doing slabs there are many areas where they don’t build, usually the top row. Be REALLY nice if the wall would just fit from 2-9 tall, and the hearthlings would actually build the whole thing. Guess I will have to start over and just leave a wall of dirt and cover what I can with wood… :confused:

You can always take the perk that allows your Hearthlings to ignore cramped spaces.

Yeah why do the walls have to be so tall? I want short walls for the underground without have g to build them as pieces.

The new builder lets you raise and lower the walls.

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Oh yeah man I forgot about that. My fault.

Averest, I googled about taking a perk… … what perk? link to description you are talking about at least, please?

Also, in the game I was playing a couple days ago, walls had to be 9 (i think) units tall… I did not see how to install any walls underground, even if I put a foundation beneath them…

I appreciate comments, but if I knew how to build the walls underground at a height of 5, or how to remove the cramped thing, and build the walls at 4 even, I would not be here now looking for the solution. Knowing there is a solution is not what I am seeking. I would actually prefer at least a link or a hint on how to do it, please. :smiley:

At the outset of your game you can choose one of three banners. The Banner of Vitality, The Banner of Strength and the Banner of Cunning. The Banner of Strength’s abilities are:

  • Mining gives 50% more Ore, Stone and Clay
  • Hearthlings no longer mind cramped spaces.

It’s a tradeoff, but it’s geared towards the underground lifestyle.

I see food for days, merchant caravan and money solves all problems… I do not see where you choose the banner… I am using the normal game updated by steam… All I can find via google is talk about the unstable 24.2, not the 23 I am on though.

Also, did not see an answer to my comment about the walls.

the banners are a choice from a quest, one or two days in., the one where you name your town.

Yeah, I don’t think those banners are in A23 (and the new builder with adjustable wall height etc. is also not in that version). Most of what gets talked about on the forum here is for the latest unstable version.