Alpha 17 - 3013 cant build walls in mountains

Building Issue:

I try to make walls into an room in a mountain - after the first layer they stop to build and the counter says it doesnt need any materials anymore

Steps to reproduce:

  1. make a room in a mountain for example 28x28
  2. try to make freestanding walls (walltool doesnt work) with slab

Expected Results:

they build the wall

Actual Results:


at the third and the fourth picture the other walls are build … instantbuild via debugtools ^^ so i can still record xD
first layer then buildstop


Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha17 - 3013


Brewery Mod
Stonehearth Cafe
patrol points
Locks of Many Clothings oder Locks of Many Hair
Archipelago Biome
Anorien Biome
Sacred Grove
Settlment Decor

System Information:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Processor: AMD Phenom™ II X6 1045T Processor (6 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Memory: 12288MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 12286MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

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Noticed this a long time ago but forgot to report it, they don’t build new blocks on walls when they can’t stand on the scaffolding for the block.

Ahhhhh ok i suspect this would have something todo with the pathfinder xD so in a big caverne this wouldnt be a problem… Could be later an Problem xD

Had the same idea.
While this is maybe not a top-priority thing, I’d like my Hearthlings to be able to construct walls in places with low ceilings. So you could, for example, construct a house, than add a freestanding wall inside.


I’ve been having this exact same problem.

It could be solved if Hearthlings could build in the same radius that they can mine: In other words, they can build up to 4 blocks from the ground. As it is, they can only build UNDER themselves. Since they can’t stand up on top of the built walls (due to a ceiling) they won’t build.


As an add-on to this: Make note that this only applies when using the 4x4 Mine tool.

If you dig a deeper room, you can get taller buildings inside. HOWEVER, they will always stop 2 “levels” short of the ceiling, which would be resolved by letting them build “up” a little.


Nice idea!
It will make constructing more convenient and realistic.

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thx for the correction @albert ^^

We should probably also have adjustable wall height for the wall tool.

Flagging for @not_owen_wilson


That would be great ^^

Why not just let hearthlings have the same range in building that they do in digging? eg. 4x4 infront of them?
That way they wouldn’t need scaffolding for each and every layer of wall and stuff like this would be solved.

It would be “better” if the game decided on what a “level” is for hearthlings. if it’s a 4x4 cube that is a level then it stands to reason that walls should have a height of 4 also.

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Yes. We’ve been discussing giving hearthlings more reach when building.


im honest both woud be great - at first you can make a wall and say hey this one should only be 2 high or this one i want 15 high ^^

AND that the can build up to 4 voxel - this should also decrease the objectnumber sometimes because they doesnt need scaffoldings for everything


Out of curiosity, is there any reason they currently only build at their feet?

Originally hearthlings could only perform tasks when adjacent to the object at the same level. Mining was the first to extend this, and some placement tasks can now operate with vertical reach too.

It’s mostly a matter of deciding which tasks this is appropriate for and then extending the code to support it.