Aquifer's, Cave's, New Enemy Types & New Resource's


A underground water resource that your Hearthling’s can use to build Well’s or Hydraulic Pumps to draw water from the ground to water Crops or for Drinking / Brewing

Cave System

Randomly generated network of cave systems that your Hearthling’s can explore for resources or to battle enemies.

  • Bear & Wolf Dens
  • Troll Den
  • Abandoned Mine’s

New Enemy Type’s

  • Bat’s
  • Bear’s
  • Snake’s
  • Spider’s
  • Mole People with underground cities

New Resource’s

  • Gem’s
  • Coral
  • Bone’s

Dwarf Fortress in other words?

Just because Dwarf Fortress has done a few of these things, doesn’t mean other games can’t.
What’s wrong with trying to make the world of StoneHearth expand to be a little more realistic and explorable? I see nothing wrong with adding more layers to the game to give the player a more enjoyable and fruitful experience.

this would be good for the general threat that is meant to be posed by the world, as at the moment you can just live in underground tunnels endlessly

DF has done everything on your list except for Mole people with underground cities.

I would also like for Stonehearth to be expanded it’s mountains, but lets wait until they have begun working on the Dwarves of Stonehearth.

Right now the game is unbearable to work with underground, even multi-story buildings above ground is horrific since the floors are never transparent.

They have a lot of stuff to fix before we’re even at the point of expanding with Aquifers, pumps and hydraulic pressure.

I’m not saying your ideas are bad, in fact I’d also like to see Bears, Snakes and spiders!

if you build each level as a separate building then the floors show up properly.

water as resource is already talked/planned/worked on.

the current map gen is a bit tricky with caves, since the player got no real fog of war or influence area, so caves and dungeons would be completely visible from start and dungeons can be undermined…

If game developers refused to use ideas that have previously been seen in other games; then the entire industry would’ve ceased to exist in 1980s. :wink:

I’d rather have most of the game played above ground. Instead of delving into a mine, why not have an explorer class that takes your choice of 3-5 hearthlings to a randomly generated “off-map” site for you to explore, where you could find all sorts of weird goodies and have random encounters. Going underground has always seemed tedious and boring to me.

Awesome ideas @Fenix! This might hopefully be something for the future. I love the idea of troll dens :grin:

So building a Building how the game shows it doesn’t work?
Another item on the fix-list.

I was just pointing out that the game he wanted to play already exists.