Unable to select Rayyas Children or Northern Alliance [SOLVED]

Hey guys, been playing Stonehearth since it was launched and I’ve always loved it.
Something odd happened between when I last played and now, I can no longer select any race other then Ascendancy.
I thought that was strange as I remembered being able to select Rayyas Children before.
I checked in my mods and neither Rayyas or Northern are showing up as mods I can activate or even have as local mods.
So with that in mind I went to my local data to see if they were in the stoneheart -> mods folder and they were, I then put .bak on the end of the rayyas_children.smod and northern_alliance.smod
I then verified through steam and it found the files were missing so it redownloaded them.
I opened Stonehearth again and they were still not an option I can choose, I decided to verify again and it came back 100% a-okay so I’m a little confused so I opened the game again to check if maybe it was fixed, the races remain non-existent in the mod menu and also in the game.

Also is there a third region for Northern Alliance I should be able to select?

Any help would be great guys thanks.

We had someone else with the same problem the other day, it’s probably a different, flaky mod causing it.
Have you tried removing all mods but the core game stuff?

No mods installed at all, complete vanilla

wtf. if you go into the mods menu, on the left, do you see the mods for rayas and NA? if so, are they toggled on?

No they dont even show up, the whole column is blank.
Last time I played I could pick Rayyas or Ascend but now Rayyas is gone and the local mods are empty

hmm. seeing as you could verrify integrity of cash: are you on any of the older beta versions? or subscribed to any strange mods on the workshop(the is the most likely culprit)? if not, i’d try uninstalling and re instilling, that solves most things.

but before you do, in your stonehearth folder there should be a file called stonehearth.log (its a text file) if you can, post that here, that usually gives a clue to the problem.

Im thinking I will just reinstall tbh, game is a small download anyway.
As mentioned earlier the game is 100% vanilla so it should really work.

Welcome to the forum, @Rob_A :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a strange issue :thinking:. The other user that described this problem had found that the culprit was Traveller’s store mod (which is an outdated, very old mod): I can only choose the Ascendancy as a kingdom [SOLVED]

To perform clean reinstalls, delete the Stonehearth folder manually (but make a backup of your savegames, building templates etc first). Uninstalling via Steam may leave some files still there so it wouldn’t be a clean reinstall.

The base .smod files that you should see inside the “mods” folder are radiant, stonehearth, rayyas_children, northern_alliance and debugtools. Anything else would be an external mod. Make sure you have unsubscribed from any workshop mods too.

(And yes, there’s an arctic biome you can choose for the Northern Alliance).

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Reinstall fixed the issue for me, unfortunately I forgot to back up my years worth of templates and my most recent saves #feelsbadman

Anyway time to start anew, thrown it on an SSD this time lets see if that helps with larger towns much.

should doo too much since the game loads everything into ram. as long as you have enough ram the memory wont be an issue (well, except if you issue is the game crashing because of lack of ram)
biggest bottleneck is how fast one core on your processor wil go :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck on the new templates though! if make any good ones do show us :slight_smile: !

Improved initial load speed so it was worth something

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ah good one, i keep forgettign people have issue with that :’) (got it ona fast 7200 RPM HDD’s in raid 0 myself, A.K.A. Poor mans SSD)

I had it on a WD Black 7200RPM, nice and quick but this is quicker