I can only choose the Ascendancy as a kingdom [SOLVED]

Hello, Every time I want to create a new game I can only choose the Ascendancy as a Kingdom, not Rayya`s children or Northern Alliance. I was playing with a lot of mods and also biome mods and some of the biome mods were just not in the “Choose Biome” Buttons. I deleted and reinstalled the game but now every biome expect Temperate and Desert is gone. But when I look at the mod files everything is fine. What could I do now?

Please Help, Thanks.

are you playing on steam or with the seperate game?
if its the steam version: doublecheck your mod subscrions on the workshop: make sure those are un-subscribed., after they are all unsubscribed, verrify the integrity of cash, that should do it.

if its NOT the steam versions, someone else can help because then i dont know :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Joseph36 are rayyas_children and northern_alliance checked when you go into the Mods menu?

If you have other biome mods installed and they have finished downloading and are enabled in the Mods menu, but still don’t appear when you try to play the game, check the stonehearth.log (it’s inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth), there might be some error there that explains why they couldn’t load.

No Rayyas Children and Northern Alliance aren`t even in subscribed Workshop mods.

Oh and btw, in local mods there is nothing

Rayyas children and northern alliance are base mods, they should appear in the “Local Mods” column at the left.
If they don’t, verify the integrity of game files in Steam, like @Wouter_Sikkema suggested.

Also check that you’re in the latest branch just in case (but I think all the Steam branches now have RC and NA). :thinking:

Nothing at all? Not even the radiant and stonehearth mods?

yes nothing

What does your stonehearth.log say?

where do I find it?

And When I Play I get a bunch of Errors but dont know what they mean I just close it and continue

Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library, click on Properties, then click on the Local files tab and click the “Browse local files…” button. The log should be in the folder that just opens. Upload the log here and I’ll take a look.

The errors are probably from mods. But I need to see them to figure it out. Something definitely went wrong when you reinstalled :thinking:

Which one is it?

This one:

Its only called stonehearth but I think ist the one and ist very long

You probably don’t have file extensions on, that’s why you don’t see the .Something parts of files

How do I get it on?

Are you on Windows 10, win 7, or something else entirely :p?

Windows 10 why

Drag the file inside the reply box to upload it.

To enable file extensions, click these things:

I did the Integrity of cashe but ist just the same

But I cant upload the file it says new users cant upload attachments What now should I copy and paste the whole Thing?