I can only choose the Ascendancy as a kingdom [SOLVED]

yes nothing

What does your stonehearth.log say?

where do I find it?

And When I Play I get a bunch of Errors but dont know what they mean I just close it and continue

Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library, click on Properties, then click on the Local files tab and click the “Browse local files…” button. The log should be in the folder that just opens. Upload the log here and I’ll take a look.

The errors are probably from mods. But I need to see them to figure it out. Something definitely went wrong when you reinstalled :thinking:

Which one is it?

This one:

Its only called stonehearth but I think ist the one and ist very long

You probably don’t have file extensions on, that’s why you don’t see the .Something parts of files

How do I get it on?

Are you on Windows 10, win 7, or something else entirely :p?

Windows 10 why

Drag the file inside the reply box to upload it.

To enable file extensions, click these things:

I did the Integrity of cashe but ist just the same

But I cant upload the file it says new users cant upload attachments What now should I copy and paste the whole Thing?

Oops. I just gave you permission you should be able to upload files now.

If you can’t, try refreshing the browser or waiting a couple minutes.

Sorry for letting you wait a day but I couldn`t even reply to your message,
so here it is:

stonehearth.log (149.6 KB)

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You also have outdated mods. For example, your archipelago is for version a24, which is more or less 10 versions behind the most updated version of the mod. (That mod alone would not cause the errors you are having, but it is a clue that you probably have some bad ones in the list)

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@Joseph36, I was going to suggest that you go to the Mods menu and uncheck (disable) all the mods except radiant, stonehearth, rayyas_children and northern_alliance, then click ‘Save and quit to menu’, and start a new game, to see if you’re able to choose any kingdom other than Ascendancy, but you said your Mods menu was broken.

So instead, remove any mods from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods except for radiant.smod, stonehearth.smod, rayyas_children.smod, northern_alliance.smod and debugtools.smod.

And go to the Steam Workshop and unsubscribe from all the mods you’ve subscribed to. Then open Stonehearth and go to the Mods menu to check if you can see the Local mods again. If you can, and you can again choose other kingdoms when you start a new game, try moving back your mods one by one, to find which one is causing the problem, or subscribing to them one by one if they’re workshop mods.

Make sure all your mods are updated and compatible with the latest version. MRContainers seems to be outdated, its last version is for A21, although some players say it still works, so it’s unlikely the cause of the problem because it doesn’t modify kingdoms.

The errors in your log seem to be UI errors. The better stockpiles mod overrides the js file that’s mentioned in the error message, in order to make the storage filters window draggable, but I’m not sure why the error is happening (I couldn’t reproduce it), so make sure you also have the latest version of it.

Ok I found the Problem.
The Problem is with Traveller`s Store. When I put the .smod file in the Mods Folder and open Stonehearth the local mods column is gone and only the Ascendancy is playable. I also had a Problem with Better Stockpiles but I installed the latest Version and now there are no error Messages
Anyway thanks for Help.

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Glad to hear you found the culprit :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for letting us know.