Beta unable to choose starting items for Northern Alliance

on steam latest
the starting items page for the northern alliance is blank
map choice doesn’t matter
other factions work properly
no mods that affect any of the setup except for “giant maps”

thanks for the great game guys! :slight_smile:

i have this same issue XD hope it gets fixed soon

Are you using any mods? Can you post your stonehearth.log?

Well it is definitely a mod issues, after disabling all mod the resource selection is finally showing up. Gonna find out which one(s) are causing this issue

check the ones that has loadouts
the others shouldn’t give that bug


Stonehearth Café Mod causes the loadouts not to show

@Froggy ?

No this is the workshop one, posted by @Kastagir who has picked it up from @Froggy

Kastagir is Froggy :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll fix it right now. Thanks for the heads up.

Now fixed on Steam. Need to make some changes due to replication of SH assets so will update it properly later.