Unable to repair terrain left by campaign camps which are destroyed by non-player mobs

When a campaign-spawned camp is destroyed by a non-player mob, the player is unable to restore the terrain.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the survival game normally until a campaign-generated camp is spawned.
  2. Leave the camp alone until it is attacked and defeated by another hostile mob, and observe the campaign ending text appear.
  3. Clear the campaign end text, and observe that, as a player, you cannot restore the terrain like you can when you defeat the camp yourself.

Expected Results:
The same restoration option is provided to the player regardless of how the camp is defeated.

Actual Results:
Only when the player defeats the camp is the terrain able to be restored.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A19D3177 x64, vanilla + debugtools


paging @Albert, as previously discussed. Will provide save game when I get home this evening.


@megashub Do you still have the save for this?

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Doh! yes, I totally forgot. I’ll get it added tonight.

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Finally: megashub-A19-D3177-encampment_terrain_fill_bug.7z (3.5 MB)

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I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet. What was the symptom? Did the pile of dirt disappear?

No. It never showed up. It’s like the ability to repair the terrain was never introduced. Just a terrain scar and no way to fix it.

Could the camp have been spawned prior to Alpha 19? If so, the pile of dirt won’t be part of the campaign.

(Also, buildings designed prior to Alpha 19 won’t have their foundations restored either.)

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Hmm. That’s possible. I have some saves from before I took out the camp. I’ll see if the camp was already there and, if possible, what version of the game was in use at the time.

Yep. That’s the reason. The camp was spawned as far back as a save I have from A18 stable. Sounds like you’ll cover this in the release notes. Closing thread as resolved.

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