And We're Back To This Again

The Hearthlings take off with the pile of dirt and the hole never gets finished. This one has been sitting here for an in-game week, the workers are all allowed to build, and rather than work on this they’ve been chilling by the hearth doing a whole lot of nothing.

I thought this got licked a year ago?

Anyone else having this issue (again)?

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Does saving and reloading help? In case the dirt is stuck in some inventory or something somewhere?

No, it hasn’t helped.

happened to me last week. no clue who’s inventory it was in… I canceled it by entering build mode, clicking on it, then hitting delete to destroy building. it works on the plot. I then had a geomancer fill in the floor later in the game.

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I think we need a mod which spawns camp on ground level without the hole.


seconded. the hole making behavior is just anoying. -think- shouldnt be too hard really. might look into that


I still don’t understand why the camps do that, is it a design choice or done for performance/engine reasons? :thinking:

It was made before blueprints could sink into the ground I think, like the wolf enclosure that didn’t hold the wolves in after some time, it’s just… Old


I believe it’s also partly because encounters couldn’t change/replace terrain at the time that encounter was made, only remove (mine) it. So I suspect the full story/answer is

as a design choice they wanted the goblin camps to have a dirt floor, at the time the encounter was added this was the best way to achieve that, and once new options were added there was too much higher-priority work being done for them to justify going back and changing the encounter; particularly when they’d already put the effort into a work-around to replace the grass

I’ve put that in quotes though because it’s just my interpretation, though.

One interesting thing to note: if using a geomancer to replace the grass, all of the grass will be the default level colour; so if the camp intersects with any of the lighter stripes around the edges of level changes then the geomancer’s grass won’t match with them. However, the “un-mine” function of replacing the camp’s grass will restore the blocks as they were before the camp spawned (or at least that’s how it went last time I bothered to fill the hole – often I leave it and some of the walls to mark the site of the battle, or build over it, or do some other roleplay-driven thing.) So the dirt pile is clearly remembering the terrain that was there before, rather than just creating new terrain… actually if I recall correctly the way the grass is replaced is the same method that building demolition uses to restore the terrain, I know the dirt pile was added at the same time as building demolition was.

Yes. And I found the dirt pile stored in a stockpile.