Pile of Dirt Disappears if Goblins leave on their own

I don’t know if this is purposeful, but the pile of dirt disappears along with the goblins, leaving the nasty scar behind without the pile of dirt to patch it back up. So far I’ve only been able to patch the scar up after attacking the goblins.

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@Averest – Curious, are you playing on a save game that predates the introduction of campaign camp terrain repair?

Nope, brand new game. Pretty much I’d ignored the goblins and they decided to leave. They came back of course and I engaged them, leaving the terrain patch. As you can see, the one at the top left the terrain patch, the one at the bottom, no patch.

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paging @Albert.

@Averest please provide a copy of your save for analysis?

Here you are. Alu Quarobi

1477514352237.zip (7.5 MB)

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I think @linda was working on this bug.


Should be fixed in the current build


Yay! Thank you Linda!

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