Unable to move doors?

I misplaced a door on one of my buildings… most other world objects can be picked up and placed elsewhere, but not doors apparently. Do I really have to tear down the entire building and rebuild it just to get the door in the correct place? Why can’t I just remove doors and put them in my inventory? What if I want to upgrade the look of a building by just replacing the windows and doors?

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Welcome to the forum, @Matthew_Migliorisi :smile:

Do you mean misplacing a door when in design mode, or because you placed it manually somewhere in the world?

I manually placed a reinforced door on one of the prefab structures. Some it’s not the door the design calls for I was placing them manually, but I put one in the wrong place

Alpha 14 , does not alow to replace manually missplaced items for as far as i tried.

by “missplaced items” do you mean “windows and doors” or all placeable items, such as fences and the like? (I haven’t touched the new version yet. school’s about to start tomorrow at 5:30 PM and me being up at 4:41 AM probably isn’t helping me lol) just clarifying, because if it’s the latter, then something went wrong.

I mean windows and doors. Fences and boxes van be picked up leuke before

Instead of moving doors I go into the “floor” menu and use the eraser tool to delete the doors and place a new door. This works for windows and items during design mode too.

Edit: Ah I misunderstood, I thought you haven’t built the building yet and was updating a prefab structure. Please ignore my post :slightly_smiling: