Random doors placed

I was building, and randomly, accidently, placed some doors on the ground. and i cant destroy them. how do I destroy those. because there is no destroy button or remove button. like fences or crafting tables. how do I fix this please help! Thank you!

currently the only way to remove and replace a door is to open the consol command window

click on the door you need to remove
then type in destroy_immediately and hit enter

if you only type in destroy then the game will try to replace the door you just deleted.

note this does not work on windows and will destroy your entire building. make sure when you first build your blueprint you put in those fine windows where you want them, because they will stay there forever.

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okay great thank you. one last question. do i need to change something into the files to do that command consol?

no its in the game already, make sure you don’t do it too fast, I notice if you try control+C too quickly it will simply only register the C and open up the citizen window so do it kind of slowly for it to work

I don’t think you actually need the shift .

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yeah oops, thanks for that, edited my above post, it still acts a bit finicky sometimes

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