Cannot remove / relocate custom placed doors

(I’m not sure if this should go in bug reports - it’s not really a bug so much as a needed fix to door UI… I left it uncategorized and you can change it if you think it should be elsewhere)

I have a custom blue clay door I put up in a wall opening I mined out for a temporary kitchen / eating area but I mis-clicked and the door went in sideways. I need to remove it and rotate it 90 degrees. Most things like chests, furniture etc you can use the ‘move’ button and a hearthling will come and dis-assemble it and put it where you want - but not doors. Can this be fixed to add that ability?


I’ve done the same thing before. Only way i found to fix it was to use the destroy command in the console and place another one.

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I haven’t messed with console commands yet but I will try it as a workaround, thanks!