Relocating/Removing Help

Let me start off by saying, AMASING GAME, been playing for a week or so and this is quite enjoyable and peaceful game. So far I have had like the common AI problems, where the workers stopped on a project, but I have always got them to finish it. Other than the normal AI issues which aren’t really that bad, I ran into a problem with removing chest. I was curious I may be missing something or just still new, but is there a way to move/remove chest? I have emptied all the crates/chest I want to move/remove, but I have tried erasing, there is no move/relocate icon for it, and I tried to remove from world. Not sure if this is just user error (I just realized you could custom build buildings with slabs lol… so still learning a lot), or if there isn’t a way to move/remove them once placed. Because I have had the same problem where I accidently placed a window on a building wall, not in the wall but on the outside so it wasn’t really a window. When I tried to find a way to remove I couldn’t do that either so I just left it.

Hi @RangerACR1, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Could you tell us which release are you playing? There should be a label in the top-left corner inside the game that says the version you are playing.

I’ve tested on latest Alpha 15 and I could move a chest even if it had items inside it. I think for undeploying them (the icon with the red up arrow) they have to be empty, but you should be able to move them without problems. If you want to absolutely destroy a chest or crate, there’s a button on the harvest menu to do it. Once the chest is empty, drag the tool over it and a popup will appear asking you if you want to delete it.

About the window issue: when you design the building you have to place the windows and doors that you want. The hearthlings will leave the space for them when building the wall, and will automatically place them once you have crafted the windows and they have finished removing teh scaffolding. This applies for slabs too.

If you try to place them after the wall has been built, the window will be left on the outside, but no hole will be made for it. I think it can be removed with the console.

Anyway, let us know if you still have problems with the chest, it could be a bug. :slightly_smiling: