Placing items from chest

Is it possible to place an item from inside the chest? Say I have a fence inside a chest. Why can’t I select that item and then use the green arrow to place it in the world. Also, I dont understand why the gold box shows up around items within an inventory when you select it. It is not like you can actually take action on that item… or am I missing something?

Use the placement menu (Menu > Build & Design > Place Item, or P), and you can place any item you have in storage.

You’re not the first person to not see this, so it’s probably a usability thing the team should look at or at least eventually throw into the tutorial.

Thank you! That will save me a lot of headache! I assumed they have future plans for it.

I know the placement menu.

But there are issues. I ve placed a chest with 64 fenceparts near the area i want to build a fence. Unfortunately, some Hearthlings took fenceparts from the storage in the city, walking slow the whole way to the desired area.
Hearthlings receiving a placeorder will look for the nearest part from their current position, even if that storage is in the opposide direction.

I would really like to place items direkt from chests to keep ways short.

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That is really a good point!
I hope they get this issue soon.

I use to set up a spot where i want the chest to be unloaded at, if you do that then they wont run back to the town. Like i drop the chest with ore, make a spot to hold / unload the ore then click on the chest to not have ore in it and then the heartlings wont run back to town.


Thx Idstedt - that workaround should do it, i ll try it in a few :slight_smile:

Guess it is not nessecary to wait till the chest is unloaded - just need to wait till all hauling Hearthlings are in the desired area - nearest objekt will be then the chest/spot.

could mark the chest to be moved over 1 block to get them next to the chest? haah.