About item placement

Do you know how to place in the world an item from the town inventory interface or from the inventory of a chest?
It has been a long time since I have played Stonehearth and I think this feature was possible before.
The problem is that I have to tell my hearthlings to remove all furniture from a chest to be able to pick up a bed and place it where I want.
The Y key does not work. It is selecting the chest instead of the item.

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Hitting the letter P for a “Place an Item” menu. All the things available to be deployed is listed there


Being able to place directly from a chest is something several people hope is in the future.

It is a thing today, using the method suggest by @GamingSilverNox.

No, say you have chair1 chest A and chair2 in chest B. Using place an item menu will let the hearthling choose whichever wether it be from chest A or B is not in the players control. Placing directly from inventory would say look in chest A and get chair1.

So, you’re talking about placing a specific item from a specific inventory-slot.
“Placing directly from a chest” does, to me, imply placing items which are contained within a (any) chest, so I misunderstood you.

Stonehearth was pitched as a game where the player lack direct-control over the Hearthlings; instead, the player say “someone, chop this tree”, “someone, place any Chair here”, “any of my Carpenters, craft me a Table”, etc.
Knowing this, I don’t find it frustrating that I’m not able to perfom specific inventory-placement; however, it could be a handy feature, yes.

It doesnt bother me now that I’ve adjusted my playstyle to match what the AI tend to do. It just seemed unintuitive to me why I as a user would be able to select a icon/item within a specific inventory’s GUI but then have no ability to take action on it.

When he said “or from the inventory of a chest?” I inferred that he was narrowing the scope.