Easier locating / placing items

ability to zoom in to the item when clicking on it in inventory / can place it directly from the inventory page?
would be useful if i am looking for a single item in a lot of storages to place it

there is actually already a separate tab/UI for placement of furniture and such,

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Correct but careful, in r2494, there may be a bug with this function and the backpacks. I saw it yesterday but I need to reproduce it before reporting. Will do if I get some time today.

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It should allow you to place things even when they are in a backpack, though if they are not then its definitely a bug. Basically, anything to do with backpacks has the serious potential to be bugged XD

The Item Placement tool should allow you to place everything in your town’s inventory though. It could be a little more intuitive, but I figure they will get back around to looking at it again later.


yea i think it should be able to place essentially everyhing

you should be able to with the “item placement tab”, although it has been kinda buggy in A 11 unstable.