Item Finding - UI Suggestion

This is one of the most annoying things in the game. It seems like there’s the ability to select items in the overall inventory; I know we can hunt up individual Hearthlings. What I wanted was to be able to center on the item I have highlighted in the list. It’s definitely selectable/highlightable. It gets the little gold brackets around it. If either we could activate them from there, or find them from the list, that would be perfect. For example, if I make a new crafting table for one of my professionals, it gets put anywhere. After a little while, that turns into a lot of sorting through plots until I finally find the table. If I find the table.

My first option would be to activate the item from the keep inventory list. Click on it there, the first one of the listed items available becomes the selected thing, you know, with the control options that show up in the bottom left. Then you could plant it, whatever, without the struggle of finding the item.

Second option, and I’m just spitballing here; I know very little about coding, would be the option from the list to move-to and highlight the first item of that type in inventory. If you have that item already selected, it just moves to the next one, just like clicking Hearthlings out of the similar list. Granted, Hearthlings don’t stack in the inventory list, so there’s a pretty big difference, but… these two things were what slowed me down the most.

Crafting tables and furniture are placeable from the place furniture tab in the building menu. You can place them anywhere, furniture doesn’t have to be in a building.

This solves your problem of looking though your storage as you just select the item and place it.

There is no need to select any of the other items In your inventory as you can’t actually interact with them specifically.

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It seems like it would be a convenient way to find where things are nonetheless. It would help to know in which stockpile the hearthlings put a certain item (for sorting purposes).

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But what do you mean by sorting purposes? You can already filter stockpiles, what further sorting could you achieve by locating items?

i think that theres its uses, because at times i want to be able to use filters on certain stockpiles, lets say i want cooked food on one stockpile, but i set that filter too late or by mistake i dont set it, so the hearthlings take it to another stockpile, now i want to untick the cooked food filter on the stockpile in which they placed the cooked food so they can take it to the first one, i can just select the stockpiles and click on thecontent tab, sure, but when you have several stockpiles it becomes annoying.

To me it just sounds like a super niche functionality. It would be just more code to bug fix and maintain when it’s purposes can already be achieved by existing features

One thing I would like is for the stockpiles to have a priority feature. For instance, stockpile A would be the primary stockpile for newly crafted carpenter’s wares, but if it fills up then use stockpile B to contain the furniture. It’s easy to simulate it by adjusting the stockpile proximity to the carpenter’s workshop, but when the difference in distance is minimal it would be nice to have an easy way to tell where the items are being sent rather than zooming in and manually searching through a few hundred assorted items.

My point is that there is a use for it if you’re trying to maximize hearthlings efficiency, and clearly the capacity is there. All that needs to be done is adding the pan-on-select feature to items instead of hearthlings alone.

While I would agree that stockpiles could use more specialization/optimization, I don’t see how this is going to facilitate that. I sometimes have hundreds of logs in my inventory, is manually clicking through every log from your item select window really going to help me find them any faster? How do you differentiate between each item when they stack? What do you gain by seeing the stockpile location of an arbitrary chair? It seems like all this could easily be achieved by simply looking at the iconic depictions in the stockpiles themselves.

I used newly crafted furniture as an example because in that case the functionality he’s suggesting could be useful, of course that same thing wouldn’t help with logs. My point is that if there are two large stockpiles approximately equal on distance to the carpenter’s workshop, I’d like to know which stockpile it’s in without having to search through various items. I would be able to simply click on it in the inventory window and find it immediately, with minimal effort involved.

The reason I would want to know this is because both stockpiles allow furniture. If the desired “priority” stockpile fills up, I want the carpenter to fill up the second stockpile with furniture. However I need to see where the furniture is being placed because the closest stockpile as the crow flies is not always the closest according to the hearthlings’ pathfinding. Via the inventory system would be much easier than scanning manually, and with minimal additional coding required.

My point is not that this should be a priority or a necessity, but that OP’s suggestion is justified and I would be pleased if they added such a feature.

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This resolves the question nicely, in my opinion. Thanks, Freedom. Didn’t think of that.

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