Finding the things... (Inventory Management)

Larger Issues:

  1. Finding what you want
    When I have a huge stockpile of stone items, it can be very difficult visually separating my Stone Braziers from my Stone Chests and Tower Braziers at a glance. What I think would be useful is the ability to highlight all instances of a single type of item by clicking their icon in the Stockpile Contents list, or Town Info Inventory list. Alternatively, we could be given some text box to type in the name of an item and just have instances of those items highlighted.

  2. What goes where
    Generally, I do not set up my furniture piecemeal. I’ll have 4 beds before I deploy them all at once in a house, or 10 tables and 20 chairs. Doing this currently is a headache, because I don’t know which item already has a “deploy” command. Many times I wind up overwriting existing deploys. I’d like some kind of marker that informs us “this item is waiting to be moved”, and ideally a kind of path or highlight showing where it’s going to be moved once a Hearthling gets around to it.


  1. Chests of Gold Coins
    I got a goblin tribute event once where they demanded 40 Chests of Gold Coins. I thought I could pay it off easily but apparently, Chests of Gold Coins have arbitrary amounts of money inside them? I assume every time you finish trading, you generate a coin chest and this is why some chests have only 50 coins and othes might have 1000+. This kind of behavior is very weird, honestly, and your visual wealth has little correlation to your actual wealth.
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Welcome !
All your suggestions will certainly be added. The highlighting is a must have and should be added.
For the deploying, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, remember how many items you have and place the exact number. You have a globat inventory, try to use it.
Finally the gold coins are not a big problem. I don’t know if you can stock them in a crate but if you can, do it. It’ll reduce the room they take :slightly_smiling: Plus if a goblin asks for 40 and you have only a 50 gold box, your HL will only take 40. Other solution : kill them.

In terms of placing multiple items without overwriting deployment commands, use the item placer located in the build menu.


Hey there @haly, welcome to the Discourse!

I’m going to be honest with you say that I am not so sure we will see #1 be implemented in the game. The reason for this is that in addition to stockpiles for storage, you also have containers (crates, chests, urn, and vaults) which provide not visual for what items are inside. With this, and your request #2, I would agree with @capotzalco idea to use the Place Item tool (hotkey p) to get a count of all your placeable items, and place them into the world with ease.

As for the gold coins, I have never encountered that type of request before (goblins wanting gold), and this one might be a bug. Let me ping @sdee and @yshan to see what info they can provide (and if they want a formal bug report on this).


There is definitely a design oversight going on here. The goblins ask for things they can see in your stockpiles and chests, but they can’t see what’s IN them. So they ask you for your chests of gold, but how much gold is that? Currently they don’t know, and you can’t really just pick the low value ones to give them so it’s a bit confusing.


I see most of my problems are solved by “P”. I thought it was used exclusively for buildings but apparently that is not the case. It’s much more powerful than I thought.


Great, and it looks like Stephanie is looking into the gold issue as well! Have fun :smile: