Unable to launch game in Steam

I wanted to try out the new features today but I’m unable to launch the game. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled from steam, even did the latest build, but nothing. It looks like it’s trying to launch, as I see my name in my Steam friends list say “Stonehearth”, BUT it never leaves my desktop.


OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
Stonehearth build: 524289

hey there @unkyrona… and just to be clear, you’ve configured Steam to download the latest developer build? if you have, and that’s not functioning, try removing that option to play the latest stable build…

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same here… im in windows 7… takes over 15 minutes to load, then, when loaded, the program is very slow. Saving takes 15 minutes!!! I waited… just to see how effed up it could be. Alpha 8 is the most bloated of bloated programs… any windows program uses less than a quarter of the memory. how can a game like this be fun?

latest developer build caused my Steam account to crash. I had to delete Stonehearth on my hard drive before I could refresh Stoneheart on Stream.

That did it Steve! Thanks!

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brilliant! have fun! :smile: :+1: