Unable to craft red gong

Hello. r869
save https://1drv.ms/u/s!Asn3lEt-4tOhivYsZk_gz-5PZAZf3w
stonehearth.log (76.7 KB)

I’m defeat red goblin as NA and get that red hat but my blacksmith cant craft gong

Have you used the second level gong to summon and defeat the red hat one, or did they just naturally spawn? I think you have to use the gongs in order to get the next gong craft recipe, regardless of what hats you have.

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Yes, I have previous two gongs

There’s a goblin camp in your savefile, which will ask you for shinies. When you defeat this camp, the recipe will get unlocked.

You probably already killed some high level kobold and got the hat, but the recipe is unlocked through that goblin camp.

They asked me for 300 wood and smthng else. I give them what they want. After that some goblins attack me and I loot red hat. But camp is neutral. So I forced to attack them? Is it expected behavior?

The camp is neutral because you gave them what they wanted, but they will ask again after a while.
If you appease them 3 times, or alternatively, refuse their demands and destroy the camp, the recipe will get unlocked.

Oh, I don’t know that, sorry for wasting your time.

No worries.