Blacksmith refuses to craft Master Gong - SG uploaded

When ever the master gong is in the craft cue, the Blacksmith just go idle or rests by the fire or restocks items, all but never crafts the gong
Steps to reproduce:
uploaded save game

Attachments: (8.9 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.24 r869 - No Mods
System Information:
i7 - 16gig - gtx780

The blacksmith can’t reach the master hat. There are 2 in your savefile, one in the lower ground that’s at the same level as the water (you’d need to make a ladder to reach it) and another one that needs to be marked as loot, and is far away outside on the upper level.


ahh of course, I feel so stupid now :slight_smile: . Well thanks for your Time, and thx for a great game.

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