Master's Gong Triggering Early?

So this is the first time I’ve stepped through using the gongs, and as such I’ve only seen this once. However, as the screens below will attest, I got the start of the Epic 4 level while still in the process of cleaning up level three - most notably, without having the resources to craft (or have actually crafted/placed) the fourth gong. This seems like a bug, to me, and I would not have expected the biggest wave of bads to spawn while the third wave is still in the process of getting mopped up. Thoughts?

So here’s the message that popped up while I was in the process of working through wave three. I’m pretty sure the gong I have selected was supposed to only trigger wave three? Also, clearly, only three gongs placed, not four :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, and this isn’t a great picture, but it’s the best I could do, you can see the new camp that just spawned in the foreground with its unique buildings, and the third camp I’m actually fighting is in the background.

Is that last gong you placed (left on the oicture) purple or red? Cause purple is the lvl4 gong.



Thank you for catching that!

It was indeed checking for the wrong gong. This will be fixed in the next build.


dont want to necro an old pot but ive just beaton ogo and the game mentioned gongs this is ther farthest ive ever gotten without a save becoming unplayable could some one explain what im supposed to do

You have to wait for kobold scouts to show up, kill them, pick up their hats and craft a gong at the forge with said hat.

which forge the blacksmith makes it ?

What other forge do you know?

To put it a lot more clearly, the gongs are crafted by the blacksmith. The first recipe is already known by default, but higher level recipes are learned through progressing through gong encounters. Once Kobolds start appearing in your world, they have a (very low) chance to drop a hat. Loot it (make sure you have some zone set to include loot/treasure!), and you can craft the entry level (green) gong.

Once you’ve done so, be careful when you place it. Once a gong has been placed, you raise the difficulty score in your game to (I believe) Epic 1. This will also trigger a new dialogue with another NPC, spawning a new camp, which makes the next level of hat obtainable. If you manage to get your hands on a higher tier hat without having placed your first gong, you still have to successfully clear out the first gong’s camp before you will unlock the next recipe, and so and so forth. There are four gongs in total, raising your game difficulty from Epic 1 (green) to Epic 4 (purple).

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