Neverending Master's Gong Respawns?

I summoned the master’s gong raids, and immediately dismantled all the structures, totems and the fireplace so that only the hostile mobs themselves remained. And yet they still continue to spawn in new friends day after day. At this rate, I’m not sure if this is intended behavior, or a bug.

Please advise?

Edit: I was finally able to end the Master’s gong campaign – only after total annihilation of all mobs. That’s the first time I’ve seen a camp continue to spawn without firepits/buildings/items. Without the ability to strategically wear down their numbers, I found that campaign very difficult (which is probably a good thing as it’s the third level of gong). By the end of it, I had most of my forces passing out on the spot unless I manually forced them to take action.

Also: Such a protracted event made me realize I have no idea, as a player, if potions are in effect, for how much longer, or if they’re of any benefit. From a UX perspective, at the moment, I consume them and just hope they are beneficial somehow.

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Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3013 x64 + Debug Tools

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I’m pretty sure the camps have a ‘leader’ instead of a banner, only defeating the leader will do, as with the fist goblin raid scinario, which will not end with the chieftain alive

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Ahh. If that’s true, I think I’m missing an obvious method of learning that a leader is present. A visual aura, completely unique appearance, etc. Something like that would help clue me in that this mob is someone I might have to specifically deal with in order to end the campaign.

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You already do!
When you start the gong campaign, an NPC will show up and challenge you, te appearance of the character will be the same with the leader of the camp(might even have the same name)

Fair. But let’s say I blow past that dialog box without really looking at that image. While in combat, how do I know who the leader is?


About the potions, I think that when you select a hearthling they have a buff icon on the unit frame with a tooltip. Someone suggested some time ago that the potions should have their own icons on the UI and not having to select a hearthling to see them, since they affect all the people, that way you’d see when they end their effect and can use another one.