Two Red Alert Bugs

With the new Red Alert Option (which I think is really handy and I love it) You could have a town with 20 footmen all patrolling and they’ll walk around in circles bored out of their minds staring at a field of corn because it’s one square out of their range: while your workers have dropped what they’re doing all over town and have hammers, saws, picks and are looking for something to hit.

Now the other problem is my carpenter died. Well the real problem is the carpenters saw died. You can’t promote a new carpenter you have to hope a carpenter joins your town. And when the carpenter is dead. You now have an absolutely worthless carpenters bench taking up space that you can’t remove or reassign. So if a new carpenter does join they can’t use the old bench they have to make a new one.
to reproduce make a wimpy carpenter with 1’s for stats and chop down a gajillion trees to trigger wealth and goblins. Then go red alert.
no mods installed I’m testing stuffs
win 8.1 x64 750ti video 16 gig ram i7 processor


was the bug the fact that your regular units were more aggressive than your footman, or the fact that a lost carpenter cant be replaced?

if nothing else, you’ve raised to valid points! :smiley:

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1st bug slacker footmen :wink:
2nd bug carpenter can’t be replaced 2nd and a half bug carpenters area in the way because it can’t be reassigned if carpenter is dead.

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