Two feature suggestions: Automatic herd reduction and missing ingredients menu

Idea #1: Setup animal pastures so that once they’ve hit their population limit and have a healthy animal eligible for slaughter, one should automatically be harvested for meat, reducing the population of that pasture to Max - 1. This way we don’t have to constantly check our pastures and manually slaughter animals when we’re already at the population limit anyway.

Idea #2: A menu showing the ingredients missing most from various workshops. This would allow players to quickly glance at a single menu showing what they need to focus on the most for production, ie wood, stone, fibers, etc. I just found myself in a game wondering why no one had any shields only to realize my farmers had stalled and I had no thread, thus no leather. It took me some searching to see what was holding up production. A single menu showing the production holdups of all the workshops would simply identifying what our little hearthlings are in need of.


i’ve seen that suggested before, and think its a great idea, especially if TR’s goal is to have macro-management over micro-management.

though i think its something that would need to be optional…

haven’t seen that suggested before, but i love it, and again, i think it also fits in well with the way TR doesnt want you to have to micro-manage everything…


Crapola! My other suggestion completely slipped my mind til I jumped back into the game…

When you’re looking at the crafting orders list for, let’s say, the Blacksmith. For any item you have set to maintain a certain amount in stock, there should be two additions. If I have my Blacksmith set to maintain 4 steel ingots, there should be an indicator showing how many are currently in my stocks. Also, there should be plus/minus buttons so I can quickly change the amount to maintain rather than having to delete the item from the queue and then add again with the new number to maintain.