Traveler reward items problem and Dry&wet stone problem

Can take out The Traveler’reward items(seeds) from any chest
But it can place in any side
The Traveler’reward items can’t be sell to trader
Dry&wet stone can’t be sell to trader

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get the Traveler’reward items E.g any seeds
  2. It will auto put in the plants icon chest
  3. Delete plants icon for chest
  4. Cizitens can not take out the seeds to anther plants icon chest



Save data:

Version Number and Mods in use: release 935 x64 build,no mod

System Information: Win 7 x64

Wetstones and drystones are not sellable or buyable; this is by design. As for your seed: can you show the other storage that has room for it? Are hearthlings standing idle while it remains there? Are they having any trouble completing other hauling tasks?

I’m taking a look at the savefile and there seems to be some kind of glitch. The item doesn’t appear in the storage after loading, but the storage still thinks it has 1 item in it, even though it’s empty. Might have decayed, I’m trying to repro.

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