Can't sell wet stones or dry stones

Just a quick report:
I have opened up a couple save games, and noticed that I can’t sell any of my wet stones, dry stones, Greater wet stones and Greater dry stones.
I checked to see if they are in storage, and yes, they are in storage chests.
I thought I use to be able to sell them, but can’t remember now.

Edit: I am using the Better Storage mod, not sure if that affects this.

Those are marked as not sellable, not sure if intended.

Ok, but they have a 10g and 15g value in the Geomancer crafting menu. Its something to make for experience, but if I make alot they take up storage space, so I wanted to sell them. I know I could get rid of them by placing and destroying, but these things can cause alot of lag if not placed carefully.

I suppose they are intentionally not sellable.
“in theory” your Town holds a really important secret for Clan Amberstone (which most people don’t even know exists) which is the power of geomancy, so technically you shouldn’t go around owning/selling magical artifacts that people are not familiar with :jubilant:
Besides, placing geomancy stones requires the magic of the geomancer itself so selling them are kinda useless if the buyer isn’t (or has access to) a geomancer, which we assume very few people do
Or at least that is how I understand it

As for having a value, all items do since they still have to count towards your net worth even if not having a value for market.

Most summon stones can be sold, just not the dry stone and wet stones. Also I have seen other Hearthlings able to place and pick up dry stones and wet stones, but only a Geomancer can place the other summon stones. It can be a little weird sometimes too, like when they put the dry riverbed landmark summon stone on top of a mountain in the desert biome, it spreads far out and has some completely floating land sections.

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Awwww bummer
There goes my theory :disappointed_relieved:


not to mention, that you can sell the heartbud seats and essences for some good cash money