Trash can system

im thinking of a system that allows you to trash items you collect or make the you dont need or is just junk build up like a lava pit or some kind of deconstruction system for item. it would be a nice thing to have to clear out you cluttered stockpiles


its already in planning :wink: some scripts already exists xD

good to know thx for the heads up

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I like the idea. I hope that it doesn’t become a big part of the game though. I’d like to recycle items and tools more often than not. Like a worker’s vest build into a padded vest, into a leather vest to a bronze chest piece and so on as you move up the tiers. Maybe have footman’s hammer build into a blacksmith’s hammer? Anyways, a trashcan/compust item/zone is definitely needed feature.

Yep. I’m looking at YOU Goblin Honor Tokens!

Maybe have those ward off goblin assaults when posted?

Or make them more frequent if you’re into that

yeah, they look neat, I just don’t need 100 of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the feel bro :weary:

i just thought of something that would be a good idea for a trash system lets have a new class called the recylcer and it requires at least level 2 or something in ever craft available seems to be a good idea