[New Mechanic] Auto-trash system

With the item limit causing me issues in every playthrough recently I though it would be worth suggesting a system that trashes items over the defined limits created by the player. The interface could be a grid of every item you have had at least one of in stock, with a box below each, supporting a number entry, having the number at 0 would make it so it never trashes them (default) and any number above would be how many it keeps in stock.

what exactly are you planning on throwing away that you can’t just sell?

Stone is a pretty good example, ridiculous amounts of it when mining out mountains for ore. Fact is until you have a lvl 6 carpenter you have no way to do so and oddly enough yes, you can easily hit that item storage cap before having that. Especially while playing as RC, considering the carpenter is not something you start with when playing as them. Without that stall for calling traders it can be several days before a trader that isn’t worthless (honestly I’d disable those ones asking for 6 wooden swords in return for a fence piece if I could, I’ve literally never accepted an offer from them). You can work around the buildup by crafting stone piles but that then detracts from your mason crafting anything else.

IMO it’d also be considerably better doing this than selling resource items as it can cause your net worth to raise much quicker than you can prepare for. Another thing that could be done to help is to create limitations on things, when you have a farm for herbs it can easily grow to absurd numbers even from a small plot, it’d be great to be able to tell farmers to stop once it reaches a certain number. This halting collection wouldn’t work very well with mining though, you may not want stone but need lots of ores, you can’t really get one without mining the other.

they just need to completely remove the item storage cap

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I agree completely there.

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What does a level 6 carpenter have to do with storage? especially max inventory limit thing… I may not mine out entire mountains, but I do mine clay pits, and usually raw clay, stone, and wood hardly even add to max inventory cap. Must be just the way I play that makes my 20 pop town still hover around half the cap. That and I build a lot of things… Even with stone; usually using it as part of the foundations I commonly put with my RC buildings. Think I sort of do that even with AC though too.

I think I would rather have a stockpile/crate priority system in place. Similar to the way gnomoria does it. So you can prioritize where things go first.

Maybe I am just misunderstanding what you are asking. I do understand the auto-trash part, I just don’t understand the comment of carpenter level 6; which in Sorenia, I don’t have just yet. Taking my time on that, as it is not needed. The highest storage container thingy is made at the blacksmith, the Vault.

Carpenter lvl 6 makes market stalls, so you can call traders to sell your stuff to.

The invetory limit was implemented for performance reasons and i don’t think it will be removed soon.
Furthermore, I don’t think it’s as much of an issue as you make it, when you are mining an ore vein you barely get any stone.

Lvl 6 carpenter can build a stall to call traders any time, that means being able to sell to them at any time. I’ve had my inventory overflow with over a thousand stone repeatedly. Having a priority system would be great too, but I’d seen that already suggested long ago.

Still don’t understand it with RC, since market stalls can be made from the potter. My potter gets to level 6 rather quickly with all the things I have her make in the workshop. Usually.

I understand market stalls from carpenter if AC, but not carpenter with RC. Since they have their own crafts person to make one.

I guess I am not so gun ho to mining an entire mountain in the first few days. Although you did mentioning mining ores, and that will add to storage quite a bit, at least towards the max limit thing.

But ok… I see your point with carpenter for AC at least. :slight_smile:

When you are removing a mountain, or making underground homes like is typical in these types of games, you get thousands of stone, so yes, it is an issue. It’s something that is very common among similar games to have a lot more control over your storage than Stonehearth currently has so maybe I’m just not quite used to it being so basic.

Didn’t notice they could be made by the potter actually, that’s handy to know. I still disagree with being able to call a trader at any time being available anyway but that’s a whole other discussion.

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Yeah I primarily play RC, so I kind of know for quite a while since they added it.

Most similar games, even gnomoria I just have a habbit to turtle my way through. Slowly making progress. I have not once mined entire mountains, but have mined quite a bit branching to some extent; however only when I needed to. With RC I kind of utilized the trade people that came by; at least before A17. Noticed in this version they do tend to be seldom, but probably due to the new town leveling scheme they have for this current version. Anyway that is about all I probably should say since it is a bit off topic… :stuck_out_tongue:

this wont be a problem, just wait for new patch :slight_smile:

Why can’t you just turn all the stone into stonepiles? That would reduce the effective amount by a factor of 18

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another option entirely is to simply remove stone from all your storage and hearthlings will not pick them up

I finally thought of a good reason to add this to the game! :grinning:
rotten food is annoying! :weary: + farmers need compost! :triumph:

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Trade stall from potter requires only level 3. That will help you.

And you can erase any item in your world. Go to the harvest menu and chose the last icon, that is an red X, draw an area around the items, and hearthlings will destroy them.

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I’m tired of repeating myself so I’m just ending this right now, no more discussion, don’t care anymore, apparently people prefer workarounds to trying to figure out a way to actually fix the problem.

If you really just want stuff to be auto destroyed when you have more than the inventory limit, I can’t help you there. But I think your real problem is the inventory limit itself.

And that there is a solution for!.. if you’re willing to poke around in your user_settings.json. [This is in your Stonehearth folder; for me it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Stonehearth.] It’s really just a plaintext file, so even Notepad would work.

So after the last option you have, you’ll want to add a comma, press enter, and type "infinite inventory" : true.


While that is a great workaround (thanks!), it still is just that, a workaround, the main issue is trying to restrict the number of objects so that performance stays within reasonable boundaries since that was the reason for the limit being added. Slapping on a limit was frankly a very lazy way to ‘solve’ the performance problems, saying that I mean no offence to the developers, it is understandable as a temporary solution. Having at least some controlled automation over the limitation of harvesting and destruction of excess items on the other hand actually provides at the very least an optional temporary solution till a better one can be put into place which doesn’t cause the player to have to put more effort into inventory management because of the ‘alpha’ shortcomings of the game as it currently exists.