Alpha 7: Extra Button Ideas

Saw this neat little spot on the UI with a spiffy ?, the tooltip asked for suggestions so here I am firing off an idea.

I thought it would be nice to have some sort of recycling system. Currently there is lots of way to bring things into the world; however, short of offering it to the RNG goblins as tribute to their fire there is no method of taking what was made and breaking it down to resources.

The button could access the waste management system for all the classes in one spot so we do not have to hunt down the actions in each independent menue/job tree. I would think that there would be some kind of diminishing return that could be lessened as the skill of the crafter increased, yet not to such a degree that there is 100% return.

Thanks for your time and consideration of these matters at hand and I look forward to reading other ideas for this spiffy button.

Illian Amerond

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