Traps and siege

As I remember siege is planned but not sure if trap mechanisms are.
there should be the option to prepare mechanical traps to stop enemies and monsters from destroying your colony.
for instance.
here are some alternatives

the swingblade. used to take down the road some enemies and also produce a lot of damage.

the sawblade, its a saw hidden on the floor used to damage foot soldiers and whatever steps on them, and may cut into pieces some enemies.


nice trap designs/models :smile:

if traps are planned, they will most likely be made by the engineer.


Ooh, those look nice!

Traps would be pretty cool. Perhaps not only used for city defense like trapdoors or spike pits, but maybe for your enemies as well :smiley: Well done!


also the spike trap, which would produce damage when the enemy falls from a height on them.
this leads me to another part of the suggestion, the different types of damage and wounds.

for instance it should consider elements like “muscle depth” + “skin and armor thikness” as part of the health value.
why is so important?
cause if we consider spike traps would deal piercing damage all those values would become relevant if we consider how effective the traps are against certain enemies.

lets say for example a warhogg with skin thikness value of 10 and armor of 0, muscle depth of 5.
wood spike trap hace a sharpness of 12 and base damage of 10, therefore would be 2 above 10 of skin thikness would deal 2 damage over a 0% chance of doing lethal damage.
so the final damage would be 2*2+10 as it pierced through the skin of the enemy but not so deep.

another example, a dragon has thikness of 50 and natural armor of 10, therefore as the sharpness of the wood spike trap is 12 and base of 10, the all of the damage would be absorved by the dragon skin and nothing of direct damage, so its totally un effective.

another modifying value would be fall from which the target falls, increasing in + 1 in sharpness for each voxel of distance the target has fell before reaching the trap.

similar values would apply in other traps,
some traps would have like multiple hit damage, blunt damage and such
for instance blunt would consider the weight of the material and size of the blade and would have effect on swing blades giving a better chance to push off a road or move an enemy from its original position, making a great combo for enemies crossing through a narrow bridge over a pit of spikes.
thou these traps would not be indestructible and enemies would try to send their heavier units or the better prepared in order to destroy the traps as soon as they spot them.


I’m loving your work @Renham all the traps look incredible. We have been promised traps, however I doubt they will be as extensive as what you are making. Please consider making this a mod it would be great and relatively simple.

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trying to consider several materials and some variations for the traps, considering effectiveness over certain enemies, like large spike traps used to harm large creatures like dragons, mammoths, and other LAF type of creatures, and other smaller and more basic to work against normal enemies, as foot soldiers, raiders and such,

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as @TurtleSquish said, these look amazing.

perhaps you could make some traps for the trapper, different ways to catch/kill the little critters.

here some variations of the pendulum blade or death trap considering large enemies.
material variations and exceptional quality.


Loving it @Renham you really picked up voxel modeling fast. Do you have any previous experience? Or are you a fast learner?

Otherwise loving the trap progression. You should make a Venus fly trap :wink:

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Very nice designs! Seeing as most of my Hearthlings are currently as smart as a bag of turnips, I’ll just wait a little longer. ^^’

This is getting into Dwarf Fortress / Gnomoria levels of complexity. That’s not a bad thing, but it certainly would change the direction of the game a bit, and I don’t know if the dev team has someone with that kind of mindset on board.

it depends on difficulty and possibilities, the problem the main problem with DF is the lack of graphics and complex control at least if you dont see a guide or something first you will hardly do something good and survive your first week, the great thing about stonehearth is that because of the graphics you can identify problems and think of solutions faster and because of that solve things faster.

the game can be complex as I propose, but it doesnt mean it will be complex in gameplay, mostly of these things would not affect much on how you play the game but rather on what you choose to do.

also yeah I’ve got some experience with 3d modeling, animation and others, I’m a graphic designer with some experience in vidyia development, I have some other models for other suffestions.
and will add more to this post.

some differences between the normal spike traps and the large ones that could be used against LAF type of enemies.

and saw blades, also for LAF type of enemies, saws probably would requiere some power source or something like that.