New Ideas for what the Engineer can do

I think the engineer should be able to make electric fences that shock the enemy when they touch it. Also you should be able to control the engineer’s turrets if you want

Interesting idea.

but where would the hearthlings get the electricity from?

The same question goes for the turrets, and every other type of machinery that is in the game or will be

what would be the disadvantage of the electric fence? The advantage is clear, but one has to consider a balance somewhere.

To me just alone this one seems overpowered as is. Maybe electric fences deteriorate over time. Plus there is no counter for this type of thing…

Just my 2 cents worth. Not sure what the purpose of an electric fence would be beyond what a fence normally does. fence gates are usually the targets, so enemies at the moment wouldn’t even consider even touching such a fence.

And why?

As much as I like watching willy coyote’s skeletal structure… It just needs to serve a purpose, well I think anyway.

I think there are probably better thing the engineer could make, like a drawbridge, portculis, and the like in which siege stuff is made of. But that is me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My idea was that when an enemy touches the fence, it shocks them until they turn away. It only has a certain number of shocks before it runs out of “juice”