Deadfall trap For the engineer

It would be pretty sweet if the engineer could make a trap that dropped the enemy into a pit dug beneath the trap. I imagine it could be a basic “door” on the ground and when the trap get sprung it unlocks, opens and the mob falls through


I love this idea for a trap, not just because it’s a fairly permanent solution to that particular monster (although I presume that the engineer wouldn’t be able to re-set the trap with an angry monster inside); but because it also gives us our first way to really capture an enemy rather than outright killing them.

I’d love to see some mechanics in the future where captured monsters can be allowed to cool down, then either tamed (in the case of, say, a Varanus) or bargained with (e.g. a goblin) using food, shinies, and whatever else seems appropriate.

At the moment, deadfall traps would be an awesome way to slow down advancing enemies; even if they can eventually climb out after destroying the trap that will split up larger invasions and give the player time to prioritise the larger threats.

It may be possible to get this effect through modding already – create a door which is 1 block high and wide enough for the largest monsters to fall through, and give it a walk-able top surface. Enemies will attack doors if they block their path, so there may need to be some shenanigans in place to get enemies to attack the door. But, once they destroy it, they’d fall into the pit.


rather than a “trap item”, I would like to instead have the ability to build one out of the underlying mechanics. i.e. want the parts, not the whole “trap” canned into one object.

e.g. a “boulder fall trap”

  • a hatch above the “trap location”, where hearthlings can be ordered to place some heavy object.
  • a pressure plate to be placed at the “trap location”
  • link plate to open the retractable floor when something heavy enough step on it.
  • the “heavy object” falls down, and does damage according to universal rules for falling objects in the game based on mass, height of fall (which determines collision velocity and momentum) and perhaps shape of object (e.g. does piercing/slicing or impact damage)

Using the same parts, I could make that deadfall trap (dig a deep hole, put a hatch over, link to a trigger, and for bonus put upright spikes at bottom of the hole).