Enemy dying near a trap may drop loot ontop of it

If an enemy dies on/near a trap created by the engineer, the loot has a chance to appear on top on the trap. As such, it can’t be grabbed by a “Loot” tool (it only affects ground level) and can only be picked up via direct loot command from the item itself.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have your engineer build a trap
  2. Lure an enemy to a trap
  3. Kill the enemy with a trap
  4. Get loot defying gravity
  5. Woooo. Spooky!

Expected Results:
Loot should be dropped near the trap.

Actual Results:
Loot has a chance to appear ontop of the trap.


A very nice trap, to think of it. At least for goblins. Now I have doubts it is actually a bug… :sweat:

Version Number:

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